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Welcome to Eglin Air Force Base!

Eglin Air Force Base - phone number directory

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of important Eglin phone numbers for Eglin Air Force Base, Florida? Look no further! In this blog post, we have compiled an extensive directory of essential Eglin AFB phone numbers, making it easier than ever for you to connect with the right departments and services. Whether you’re a new arrival to the base, a long-time resident, or just visiting, this guide will provide you with all the contact information you need to make your experience at Eglin as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Eglin Air Force Base, located in Okaloosa county in Northwest Florida, is home to a multitude of units and personnel, making it one of the most vital installations in the United States Air Force. It is about 640 square miles! It is also the Department of Defense second largest test and training complex. With its expansive size and diverse functions, navigating the base can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding the right phone numbers. That’s why we’ve created this handy resource to ensure you have all the essential Eglin phone numbers right at your fingertips.

Eglin Phone Numbers Directory

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Aero Club

Eglin Aero Club Phone Number: (850) 882-4822

Eglin Aero Club Hours of Operation:

  • 24/7 for members
  • Mon-Fri: 0800-1500
  • Sat: 0800-1300

Eglin Aero Club Address: Building 898, 200 Escambia Road

Airman and Family Readiness Center, Employment & EFPM Support

Eglin Airman and Family Readiness Center Phone Number: (850) 883-9060

Eglin EFMP Family Support: (850) 883-4342

Family Member Employment Assistance Program: (850) 882-9060

Airman and Family Readiness Center Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Wed 0800-1600
  • Thurs 0900-1600
  • Fri 0800-1600
  • Closed on Weekends, Federal Holidays, and AFMC Family Days

Eglin Airman and Family Readiness Center Location: Building 205, 502 West Matre Ave

Auto Hobby Shop

Eglin Auto Hobby Shop Phone Number: (850) 882-2484

Auto Hobby Shop Hours of Operation:

  • Tue-Fri: 1000-1800
  • Sat: 0800-1700

Auto Hobby Shop Location: Building 721

Campgrounds / Eglin FAMCAMP

Eglin Campgrounds – Camp Robbins & Post Point – Phone Number: (850) 883-1243

Eglin Camp Robbins Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Fri: 0900-1700
  • Closed on Weekends & Federal Holidays

Post Point Location: 100 Desota Circle

Camp Robbins / FAMCAMP Location: 177 Shambo Cove Rd


Eglin Air Force Base Chaplain Phone Number: (850) 882-5519

Chapel – (850) 882-2111

After Hours Emergencies – (850) 883-4020

Worship & Fellowship Schedule can be found at:

Child Development Center

Eglin Child Development Center - Eglin Air Force Base Phone Number Directory
Eglin Child Development Center 2

Eglin Child Development Center 2 Phone Number: (850) 883-7425

Eglin CDC 2 Location: Building 2782. Drive past the medical center and turn left. CDC 2 is the one on the left!

Eglin Child Development Center 3 Phone Number: (850) 882-5519

Eglin CDC 3 Location: Building 2781. Drive past the medical center and turn left. CDC 3 is the one on the right!

CDC Waitlist – (850)882-2994

Civilian Personnel

Eglin Civilian Personnel Phone Number: (850) 882-6258 / 3967

Eglin Civilian Personnel Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Fri: 0900-1100 | 1200-1500

Civilian Personnel Location: Building 210, 310 Van Matre Ave

Commercial Sponsorship

Eglin Commercial Sponsorship Phone number: (850) 882-8651

Commercial Sponsorship Hours of Operation:

• Mon-Fri: 0900-1600

• By Appointment

Eglin Commercial Sponsorship Location: Building 843

Education Center

Eglin Education Center Phone Number: (850) 882-8141

Education Center House of Operation:

  • Mon-Wed: 0730-1600
  • Thursday: 0900-1600
  • Friday: 0730-1600
  • Closed Weekends & Federal Holidays

Eglin Education Center Location: Building 251

Eglin Beach Park phone number, hours, and location
Eglin Beach Park – Open to all DoD personnel with a current ID

Eglin Beach Park

Eglin Beach Park: (850) 883-1243

Eglin Beach Park Hours of Operation, 2023 Season

  • April 1-23: Sat-Sun – 1000-1700
  • April 28-May 28: Fri-Sun – 1000-1700
  • May 29 Onward: TBA

Eglin Beach Park Location: Hwy 98, Okaloosa Island, right across the bridge from Destin

Fitness Centers

Main Eglin Fitness Center

Eglin Fitness Center Phone Number (850) 882-6223

Fitness Center Hours of Operation

  • Mon-Fri, 500-2000
  • Sat-Sun, 800-1700
  • Holidays, 800-1700
  • 24-hour access is available

Eglin Main Fitness Center Location: Building 810, 404 Wicker Circle

Eglin Fitness Field House

Eglin Field House Phone Number: (850) 882-6028

Eglin Field House Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Fri: 0500-20000
  • Closed weekends, holidays, and AFMC holidays

Eglin Field House Location: Building 741, Track & Sports Complex behind East Gate gas station

Lightning Fitness Center

Eglin Lightning Fitness Center Phone Number: (850) 883-6816

Lightning Fitness Center Location: Building 1325, Griffin Way, off Nomad Way (33rd FW)

Eglin Fitness Assessment Cell

Eglin Fitness Assessment Cell (FAC) Phone Number: (850) 882-9260

Fitness Assessment Cell Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Fri
    • Summer (May-Oct)
      • 0500-1300
      • PT Sessions: 0500, 0700, 0900
    • Winter (Nov-Apr)
      • 0600-1400
      • PT Sessions: 0500, 0700, 0900
  • Closed Weekends, Holidays, & AFMC Holidays

Eglin FAC Location: Building 2398, Oak Hill Location across from Unity Park (Building is labeled “Drug Demand Reduction”)

Golf Course

Eglin Golf Course phone numbers, seasonal tee times, and location.
Eglin Golf Course – Open to DoD personnel and the public

Eglin Golf Course Phone Number: (850) 882-2948

Eglin Golf Course Tee Times Hours of Operation:

  • Tee Times
    • Summer
      • Mon-Fri 0730-1800
      • Sat-Sun 0700-1800
    • Winter
      • Mon-Fri 0730-1700
      • Sat-Sun 0700-1700
  • Pro Shop
    • Mon-Sun
      • Summer 0600-1800
      • Winter 0600-1700
  • Golf Course Grill
    • Tues 1100-1400
    • Thur-Sun 1100-1400
    • Closed Mon & Wed
  • Golf Course Bar
    • Tues 1030-1800
    • Thur-Sun1030-1800
    • Closed Mon & Wed
  • Everything is Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Eglin Golf Course Location: Building 1527, 1527 Fairway Drive, Off Hwy 85 in Niceville

Honor Guard

Eglin Honor Guard Phone Numbers: (850) 882-2156/2157

Eglin Honor Guard Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Fri 0600-1500
  • Closed Weekends, Federal Holidays, & AFMC Family Days

Information, Tickets, & Travel (ITT)

Eglin ITT Phone Number: (850) 882-5930

Eglin Information, Tickets, & Travel Hours of Operation:

  • Tue-Fri 0900-1600
  • Sat 0900-1400
  • Closed Sun-Mon

Eglin ITT Location: Building 1760, 1760 Memorial Trail in Front of Eglin Commissary

Jackson Guard

Jackson Guard maintains Eglin natural resources for outdoor recreation. Recreation permits are required due to security purposes.

To receive a recreation permit contact Jackson Guard Telephone Number: (850) 882-4165

Jackson Guard Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday 730-1630
  • Closed – Saturdays, Sundays, Federal Holidays

Natural Resources Office: 107 Highway 85 North Niceville, Fl 32578


Eglin Library Phone Number: (850) 882-9308

Eglin Library Hours of Operation:

  • Mon – 0900-1830
  • Tue-Fri – 0900-1500
  • Sat – 0900-1300
  • Closed on AFMC Family Days and Federal Holidays

Eglin Library Location: Building 843, 403 West Hymes Road

Legends Sports Grill

Eglin Legends Sports Grill Phone Number: (850) 279-3534

Legends Sports Grill Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Thur 1030-1730
  • Fri 1030-1930
  • Closed Sat-Sun

Legends Sports Grill Location: Building 825, 109 North McCarthy Ave

Lift Flight Kitchen

Eglin Lift Flight Kitchen Phone Number: (850) 882-3620

Lift Flight Kitchen Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Fri
    • Breakfast 0600-0900
    • Lunch 1030-1330
  • Grab and Go available Open to Close

Eglin Lift Flight Kitchen Location: Building 60


Eglin Base Lodging Phone Number: (850) 882-8761

Eglin Lodging Hours of Operation:

  • 24/7 Reception

Eglin Lodging Location: Bayside Inn, Building 11001, 1008 Boatner Road


Eglin Marina Phone Number: (850) 882-7730

Eglin Marina Hours of Operation

  • 7 days a week: 0700-1700
  • Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, & New Year’s Day

Eglin Marina Location: Building 2808, 2808 Boatner Road

96th Medical Group

Main Appointment line: (850) 883-8600

Referrals: (850) 883-9174

Pharmacies: (850) 883-8908

Patient Advocate: (850) 883-9042

Mental Health: (850) 883-8373

Link to the med group phone page:

Location: Medical Administration Bldg 2793

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 730-1600

Military Personnel (MPF)

Eglin Military Personnel (MPF) Phone Number: (850) 882-6365

Eglin MPF Hours of Operation:

  • Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri 0700-1430
  • Wed 0700-1100
  • Closed on weekends, federal holidays, and AFMC Family Days

Eglin MPF Location: Building 210, 310 Van Matre Ave

Outdoor Recreation

Eglin Outdoor Rec Phone Number: (850) 882-5058

Eglin Outdoor Recreation Hours of Operation:

  • Mon 0900-1700
  • Tue-Wed CLOSED
  • Thur 0900-1700
  • Fri-Sun 0900-1800
  • Holidays 0900-1800
  • Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Eglin Outdoor Rec Location: Building 732 at the End of Flagler Road

Eglin East Gate Pool
Life Guard at Eglin East Gate Pool


Eglin Pool Phone Number: (850) 883-1243

Eglin Pool Hours of Operation:

  • Fri-Sun 630-1830
  • Seasonality and weather may impact hours

Eglin Pool Location: 404 Wicker Circle, Next to the Main Eglin Fitness Center

Readiness and Mortuary Affairs

Eglin Readiness and Mortuary Affairs Phone Number: (850) 882-6884

Eglin Readiness and Mortuary Affairs Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Fri 1330-1630

Readiness and Mortuary Affairs Location: Building 6, 401 Van Matre Ave (NAF Resource Management Office)

Sand and Spur Riding Club

Eglin Sand and Spur Riding Club Phone Number (850) 240-1821

School Liaison Office

Eglin School Liaison Office Phone Number: (850) 882-4319

School Liaison Office Location: Building 2579, Suite 6, 2549 Gaffney Road

The Bayview Club

Eglin Bayview Phone Number: (850) 651-1010

Bayview Club Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Fri: 0800-1700

The Breeze Dining Hall

Eglin Breeze Dining Facility Phone Number: (850) 882-9042

Breeze Dining Facility Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Fri:
    • Breakfast 0630-0900
    • Lunch 1100-1300
    • Dinner 1700-1900
  • Sat-Sun & Holidays
    • Breakfast 0730-0830
    • Lunch 1100-1300
    • Dinner 1630-1800

Breeze Dining Facility Location: Building 862, 862 W

Training Center

Eglin Training Center Phone Number: (850) 882-8697/8882

Training Center Hours of Operation

  • Mon-Fri 0730-1600
  • Closed on Weekends, Federal Holidays, and AFMC Family Days

Eglin Training Center Location: Building 871, 108 North McCarthy Ave

Vehicle Resale Lot

Eglin Vehicle Resale Lot (Lemon Lot) Phone Number: (850) 882-2484

Visit the Auto Hobby Shop to place your vehicle in the resale lot.

Eglin Vehicle Resale Lot Location: Eighth Street, on the south side of Eglin Blvd, across from the jet fuel tanks

Veterinary Clinic

Eglin Veterinary Clinic Phone Number: (850) 882-4333

Veterinary Clinic Hours of Operation:

• Mon-Fri: 0800-1545

• Sat-Sun: Closed

EglinVeterinary Clinic Location: 204 Cherokee Ave, Bldg 888

Visitor Center – East Gate

Eglin Visitor Center – East Gate Phone Number: (850) 882-7500

Visitor Center – East Gate Hours of Operation:

• Mon-Fri: 0600-1400

• Sat-Sun: Closed

Eglin Visitor Center – East Gate Location: John Sims Pkwy

Visitors Center – West Gate

Eglin Visitors Center – West Gate Phone Number: (850)882-0791

Visitors Center – West Gate Hours of Operation:

• Mon-Sat: 0600-2200

• Sun: Closed

Visitors Center – West Gate Location: Eglin Blvd, Bldg 2591

West Gate Express

Eglin West Gate Express Phone Number: (850) 651-6741

West Gate Express Hours of Operation:

• Mon-Fri: 0500-2400

• Sat-Sun: 0800-2300

Eglin West Gate Express Location: 2587 Eglin Blvd

Western Union

Eglin Western Union Phone Number: (850) 651-2512

Western Union Hours of Operation:

• Mon-Sat: 0900-2100

• Sun: 1000-1800

Eglin Western Union Location: Memorial Trl, Blgd 1757

Yacht Club & Dive Club

Eglin Yacht Club & Dive Club Phone Number: (850) 581-3335

Yacht Club & Dive Club Hours of Operation:

• Yacht Club: Open for Scheduled Functions Only; Dive Club, please see description

Eglin Yacht Club & Dive Club Location: 2816 Boatner Rd

Youth Center

Eglin Youth Center Phone Number: (850) 882-8212

Youth Center Hours of Operation:

• Mon-Fri: 1200-1900

• Sat-Sun: Closed

Youth Center Location: 2582 Hatchee Rd, Bldg 2582

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