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#1 Whiting Field Base Housing Guide

Whiting Field Base Housing Guide

Anchored in Community: The Joys of Base Housing at Whiting Field

When you’re stationed at Naval Air Station Whiting Field, your home isn’t just a place to rest your head; it’s the heart of a vibrant military community. In this Whiting Field base housing guide, we’ll set sail on a journey to explore the unique charm of living in base housing at Whiting Field.

NAS Whiting Field houses the largest air wing in the U.S Navy and trains all Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard helicopter pilots. It is truly the backbone of naval aviation training in the United States. It is also the busiest aviation complex in the world! Whiting Field occupies about 12,000 acres, including 12 outlying fields.

Whiting Field Entrance Sign

NAS Whiting Field, located in Santa Rosa County in the Northwest Florida Panhandle, is the home to sunny weather most of the calendar year and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Its natural beauty contains expansive forests and crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. You will be sure to feel the relaxed atmosphere and a great quality of life here! It is about 38 miles north of NAS Pensacola. The Milton area and the city of Pace, its neighbor, have a large military retiree population. You could definitely say this is a military town. 

The Whiting Field Camaraderie

Capehart house - Whiting Field
Capehart neighborhood house

On-base housing at NAS Whiting Field is more than just a great place to live; it’s a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals who understand the demands of military life. Here, neighbors quickly become friends, creating a support system like no other. Whiting Field Homes or sometimes called The Whiting Pines Navy Family Housing, is a Public-Private Venture  community managed by Balfour Beatty Communities. 

To contact Whiting Field Homes, please call (850) 626-6202 during the office hours of Monday – Friday from 0800-1700 and Saturday 1000-1600 to speak with one of their leasing specialists. They are located at 570 Merrill Drive. You can also visit their military housing website at:

As a reminder, you must visit the Navy Housing Service Center (HSC) to receive counseling and guidance before entering into any written lease or rental/sales contract for housing. To contact HSC by phone, call (850) 623-9726 between the hours of 0800-1700, Monday through Friday. They are located at 570 Merrill Drive.

Proximity to Essential Services

Whiting Field CDC
Whiting Field Child Development Center

Whiting Field Homes is located in close proximity to everything you will need. You will be located just under 8 miles from Whiting Field and have easy access to many restaurants, shopping, beaches, and many other things in Milton and nearby Pensacola. Convenience is a hallmark of living near base. Schools, medical facilities, commissaries, and recreational areas are all conveniently located, making daily life more manageable and leaving you with more quality time to spend with your loved ones. 

Safety and Security

Whiting Field prioritizes the safety and security of its residents. With well-thought-out housing layouts, you can rest assured that your family is well-protected, offering peace of mind amidst military life’s demands.

Quality Housing Choices

Capehart base housing neighborhood - Whiting Field
A Capehart neighborhood street

Whiting Field offers a range of housing options to cater to different family sizes and preferences. From 2, 3, and 4-bedroom duplexes and single family homes. You will find spacious floor plans,  beautiful amenities, and well-maintained housing, ensuring a comfortable and secure place to call home. Whiting Field Homes offers a variety of rental homes for active duty families at NAS Whiting Field and a small number of homes available to military retirees, DOD civilian employees, and even to the general public.

Exceptional Floor Plans 

The 2, 3, and 4-bedroom layouts have enticing amenities, such as generous kitchens, central air conditioning, and washer & dryer connections.

To learn more about each distinct neighborhood, check out the neighborhood page,

Capehart Neighborhood

Eligibility: All ranks; military retirees; DOD employees; general public

Bed: 2-4

Playground - Whiting Field
The Playground

Bath: 1.5-3

These great floor plans offers 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes with a fully-equipped kitchen, sizable closets and storage space. outside you can enjoy a carport and screened-in porch. This neighborhood is perfect for any military personnel family size or civilian. In this neighborhood you will are easily connected to the Navy Exchange Mini Mart, the Community Center, pool, playground and tennis courts. 

Fund Neighborhood

​Eligibility: All ranks; military retirees; DOD employees; general public

Tennis court - Whiting Field
The Tennis Court

Bed: 2-4

Bath: 1-2

These inviting layouts offer 2 and 4-bedroom duplex units with a fully-equipped kitchen, great closets and storage space, central air and a patio. You can easily reach the Navy Exchange Mini Mart, the Community Center, pool, playground and tennis courts. 

Keep the BAH

Did you know that dual military families can pay their rent based on the BAH of the senior member? This means that the junior military member gets to keep their BAH! Also, single service members are eligible for family housing, too. The rental price for a 2-bedroom home is the market rate for a single service member. If two single service members decide to split a house, the rental payment will be shared between the 2 roommates. Utilities, lawn care service, trash collection, and access to a 24-hour maintenance team are included in each rental agreement.

Fleet & Family Support - Whiting Field
Fleet and Family Support Center

Comprehensive Support Services

Base housing at Whiting Field comes with access to an array of support services. Whether you need help with relocation, family counseling, or educational support, the base provides the resources you need to thrive.

To reach the Fleet & Family Support Center at NAS Whiting Field, you can visit them at their location at 7511 USS Enterprise St. bldg 3025. You can contact them by phone at (850) 623-7177 Monday-Friday from 0730-1600.

Engaging Community Activities

Life on base isn’t just about where you live; it’s about how you live. Whiting Field hosts a calendar of community events and activities, from seasonal celebrations to sports leagues and fitness programs. These opportunities for socializing and recreation help build lasting memories and strong connections. You will find an abundance of amenities at your fingertips, including a sparkling swimming pool & kiddie pool, a splash park, large playground area, tennis court, and entrance to recreational trails in the surrounding area. Inside the community you will also find a community center, recently expanded NEX mini-mart,

Unaccompanied Housing

If you are an unaccompanied personnel with less than 3 years of service and the ranks of E1-4 you can qualify for Unaccompanied Housing (UH). It is a great way to meet others and be a part of a dynamic community in government housing. There are some great advantages to living on-base as single military members. You are offered a secure and safe housing accommodation close to where you work.

NAS Whiting Field Unaccompanied Housing offers 30 rooms with 42 bed spaces. All rooms have a kitchenette, living room, with a shared bedroom and bathroom. Inside the UH building you can find vending machines, laundry facilities and outdoor grills. The Whiting Field UH is located at 7426 USS Lexington Circle, bldg 2957. You can reach the UH Housing at (850) 623-9726 ext. 3 Monday-Friday 0800-1700.

More Resources

family at the pool - whiting field
Family enjoying the pool & splash park

Choosing base housing at Naval Air Station Whiting Field isn’t just a practical decision; it’s an invitation to be part of a thriving military community. The camaraderie, convenience, safety, quality housing, and support services all contribute to making Whiting Field’s base housing a cherished home. It’s where military families come together, share their experiences, and create a sense of belonging that makes Whiting Field truly special.

Have more questions or need a NAS Whiting phone number? Here are some great resources and additional information for all things NAS Whiting Field that our veteran and mil-spouse team members have done an advanced search and found the best just for you.

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